Going on vacation can lead to more business?

I have been reading several articles about the amount of unused vacation days in the United States. Did you know that 42% of employees have more than 8 days of unused vacation days left at the end of each year? Not to mention that the amount of vacation days used in the workplace is actually down from 5 years ago.

I get that your job makes you money, and money creates opportunities to pay for necessary items to live. So its obviously important to have a job. However, what if using all your vacation days you are allotted actually made you more successful at your job?

Have you ever noticed that the week before your vacation seems super stressful at work? Our minds tell us we will not be working for a while so we are super focused and charged to get everything done before we go. Imagine if you could be that productive 50 weeks a year!

Have you noticed that when you come back from vacation you are recharged and you have a little more energy (Assuming it wasn’t a weekend in Vegas type of vacation)? Your mind needs that time to recharge to be at your best. It’s like working on 2 hours of sleep or a full 8,; your mind is prepared to complete more tasks when rested.

There are also studies that show people who use vacation are the people that get promoted. Here is a link to the study https://hbr.org/2015/06/are-the-people-who-take-vacations-the-ones-who-get-promoted

So if you are thinking your boss will look down on you for taking vacation, understand that using all your vacation time will actually help you perform better for the company!